朱雀影視動畫有限公司母體系南京聯青網數碼科技有限公司,該公司成立於2007年6月,主要代表作有原創26 集電視動畫片《風行天下》;原創52 集趣味教育系列動畫片《起跑線》 ;南京首部原創動畫電影《太陽使者》。此外,還有原創手機動漫系列片《雪豆》(該片已完成百多集,並與各運營商簽約,實現平台下載);原創動畫電影《千古絕之項羽本色》(該片是公司與江蘇省宿遷市有關部門聯合製作,現仍在創作之中)等。南京聯青網公司經過四年發展,獲得多項榮譽,在全國動畫界具有相當影響。


    Nanjing Zhuque Film and TV Cartoon Co., Ltd. was established in July 2007. It was an animation company founded to produce Zheng He: Experiencing the Devil’s Sea, a large 3D animated film co-invested by the People’s Government of Gulou District of Nanjing, Nanjing Cultural Investment Share-Holding Group, Nanjing Broadcasting and TV Group of, Nanjing Daily Newspaper Group and Nanjing U-youth Net Digital Technology Co., Ltd. under the guidance of the Publicity Department of the CPC Committee of Nanjing. It is an executive member of Animation Association of China.

    The parent company of Zhuque Film and TV Cartoon Co., Ltd. is Nanjing U-youth Net Digital Technology Co., Ltd. which was established in June 2007. Its main representative works include 26-episode TV animation entitled Conquering the World, 52-episode original funny educational cartoon serial entitled The Starting Line and Nanjing’s first original animated film entitled Messenger of the Sun. In addition, it has produced Xuedou, an original animated serial for mobiles (more than one hundred episodes of this serial have been completed and entered into contract with many operators for downloading from the platform), Xiang Yu: A Great Hero through the Ages (this film co-produced by the company and relevant departments of Suqian, Jiangsu Province is now under creation). Through development of four years, Nanjing U-youth Net Digital Technology Co., Ltd. has won many honorary awards and enjoys considerable influence in Chinese animation industry.

    Now, Zhuque has brought together a group of elites in Chinese animation industry to spare no effort in producing the project of Zheng He: Experiencing the Devil’s Sea. Zhuque pursues optimal performance and free creation. It dares to make break-through and shows the spirit of Zheng He from a brand-new perspective in a brand-new story. This film not only allows audience to know the great deeds and unusual experiences of Zheng He’s navigation, but also allows them to enjoy the effect of today’s audio-visual arts in the form of animation and in other spectacular art forms. It strives to reach the world-class and China’s highest level in terms of art creation and production.

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